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If you don’t maintain your health, it also won’t guard you back

Food can be our friend or enemy. The other day I met my friend and ask her, how she was doing. Her answer was that business is really picking up and she is working day and night to get all the paperwork done. I ask her how she was feeling, and her answer was, “I am feeling not well. My body is aching and I am feeling stressed”. I asked her about her diet and her answer was “I am not eating well and tend to eat a lot of junk food because it feels comforting and keeps me going”.

This made me think. What is it that we often fall prey of food, drink or other substance abuse? We have a good job, and we have enough money, but we still lack a healthy lifestyle.

Processed foods and refined foods are on top of the list what we consume daily. They have no fiber in them and are full of preservatives.

What do refined foods and processed food do to our body? Their calories are absorbed very quickly causing dopamine in our brain to be released which gives you a feeling of euphoria or let’s say a “happy feeling” just as drugs. What we do not know is that this feeling only lasts for a short while and suddenly we are starting to “crash” and a feeling of fatigue, foggy brain and depression follows.

Another thing is, once we have eaten these “junk” foods, it starts to digest this mess and we are starting to feel uncomfortable and even hungry again. Remember the Sunday lunch meals where we ate a big meal? Our stomachs were full, and we all lay down for our Sunday afternoon snooze but when we woke up, we were hungry again. We have some coffee and cake, and the vicious circle starts again.

This feeling of hunger or even grumbling in the tummy is from the stomach which is busy sorting out the overload of wrong foods. We experience though this uncontrollable hunger and start eating more and more to pacify our feeling of fatigue, headache and even stomach cramping. This is just as bad as any substance abuse or addiction.

I remember when I was drinking too much wine, I decided to quit because I realized that I had become addicted. Every night I needed my "fix". I realized that I had to make a change. I think it is the same with refined foods we eat. They have no fiber whatsoever and are absorbed very quickly and trigger the vicious circle of addiction.

I was glad that I had Serobrine which helped me to break my bad habit. Serobrine kept my mind and body in a state that I felt relaxed and at ease. Drinking alcohol at night was my problem and I thought it would help me to relax and sleep better but it made me relax only for a short while and I did not sleep well at all. Since I have started taking Serobrine at night I definitely sleep much better and feel refreshed in the morning.

I have realized that Serobrine is my daily 'happy hormone fix' naturally.


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