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Balance your 'happy hormones' naturally. Don't let Stress and Anxiety ruin your day

Stress and anxiety reveal itself in many facets. A lot of people suffer from chronic back spasm and chronic back pain which could be the result of chronic tension, stress, frustrations, anxiety, repressed anger, and worry. According to Dr John Sarno, a professor of clinical rehabilitative medicine at New York University school of Medicine states that tension can impact the blood circulation. Tension can cause constricted blood vessels thus reducing the blood supply and reducing the oxygen supply to the tissues. The result was painful spasms. This condition may eventually lead to numbness, the sensation of “pins and needles,” and even decreased strength in the muscles.

Another thing is that emotional pain can cause physical pain. Those emotions do not die if we bury them and we do not deal with them, they are still alive. When emotional pain is hidden over time, they can express the following: Perfectionism A Desire of Control Self-Doubt and Self-Deprecation Cynicism and Criticism A “Bursting” of Emotion (the stronger the emotion, the more powerful the explosion)

Serobrine contains a natural plant extract from the Sceletium Plant. Sceletium has been researched for many years and more and more research is done. It is found that Sceletium does enhance cognitive flexibility especially in areas of focus and memory. It works as a natural SSRI which means that we experience relief of stress, tension, and anxiety.

We are living in a time where anxiety, stress and depression have become a major factor. Families are living under the weight of everyday stressful situations, like post-traumatic stress disorders, and a lifestyle consisting of fast-paced activities and instant technologies.

Ayurvedic medicine (and other traditional medicines) treat the root cause of any illnesses and do not have the side effects chemical products have.

Serobrine is natural, non-habit forming and no prescription needed.

Here a recent study for your interest:

Mesembrine: The archetypal psycho active Sceletium alkaloid Felix Makolo 1 , Alvaro Viljoen 2 , Clinton G L Veale 3

” Binding assays have revealed that mesembrine is a more potent inhibitor of the serotonin transporter (SERT) than fluoxetine (Prozac) which has prompted the commercialization of mesembrine-containing consumer Products”

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